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5s is an approach for constructing spaces so work should be completed efficiently, effectively and safely. 5s means that the steps of a workplace management process. In another terms 5s is the method of standardized system to implement and maintain a workplace is safe, clean & efficient. 5s is often an element used in Lean initiative and advances the continuous improvement.
Sort – Keep all the unnecessary items away from the workplace. Reduce the time as well as cost of the items.Set in Order – All items should have a specific place or location.
Shine – Work place should be clean. It contains the basics cleaning and regular maintenance of equipment & place.
Standardize – Train your employees, establish a system to maintain above habits. Keep each area consistent.
Sustain – Never repeat old ways. Make sure your 5s is running smoothly. Keep everyone involve in the organisation. All should be stick to rules and make it habits. Regular audits and review your 5s.
COPQ stands for Cost of Poor Quality. This tool supports companies analyse traditionally systematic quality costs. It’s a measure that define the importance of poor quality. Cost of Poor Quality can be found mostly in unproductive work. The target in quality is to focus on the productive work. COPQ is typically acknowledge to make up a small ratio of the costs that a company experiences relative to Cost of Quality.
Systematic reductions in the cost of poor quality can be attained by implementing a quality management system that provides a corrective action process. COPQ is used in Lean Six Sigma towards reduction of waste. It might be useful to achieve estimated amount by reducing waste and improving quality. The COPQ helps form a portion of the business case for the quality improvement project you are performing. There are four components in COPQ are – Cost of Internal Failure, Cost of External Failure, Cost of poor quality prevention & Cost of poor Quality appraisal.
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