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Lean & Six Sigma Project Consulting

NIQC has provided Lean and Six Sigma project consulting for more than 100 Companies across all Industries for over 10 years. NIQC has been instrumental in this area and helped the Companies to drive continual improvement projects in many aspects like Customer satisfaction, Sales, Revenue, FCR, Accuracy, Cycle time, Attrition, Cost reduction/ avoidance including new Business setup, Business Transformation projects etc.

Why Problem Identification is critical?

It is an irony that most of the problems are unidentified and continues to attribute to enormous loss and impact bottom line benefits. This could be a threat which indicates potential loss of additional business or existing business on a long run.

Both Lean and Six Sigma methodology provides tools and techniques to not only to solve the problem but to identify a potential problem.

Problem Identification is the first step in the journey of innovating and building robust solutions for achieving breakthrough improvements. So, early problem identification is very critical for a successful project.

Free project consulting & Six Sigma Training by NIQC as a CSR initiative

As part of the CSR initiative NIQC has initiated the free Project Consulting for Corporate Clients for problem identification. NIQC can further help in driving improvement initiatives using Lean Six Sigma methodologies both short and long term projects.

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