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Integrated Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Become more specialized with Yellow Belt+Green Belt+Black Belt+Lean Manager+ ISO 9001:2015 Certifications.

Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification

Six Sigma Green Belt

This training will help to understand and implement D-M-A-I-C and other Six Sigma Tools, and with the real life examples and how it can be applied

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt 

An International Certification that helps to Improve your performance, process and business significantly, it is fact based data driven philosophy of improvement that values defect prevention over defect detection.

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Key Features

160+ Hours of Classroom Training with Flexible Timings.
Free Lifetime Project Support
Free Re-Examination Support to ensure 100% success.
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate (Internal Auditor)
Classes are held on Weekdays and weekends.
Get awarded with 4 certificates Post Training Completion.
Focus of This Course
  • Lean Six Sigma certification is a combination of Lean and Six Sigma (Yellow Belt,Green Belt,Black Belt), given to professional across all domains.
  • Lean is a technique or a collection of technique that helps in the reduction of waste while delivering products.
  • Six Sigma is disciplined approach to improve the quality and maintain consistency of products and services.
  • Lean Six Sigma is an approach that helps to speed at which work is done, lower down the production cost by optimizing the process.
  • It is one of the popular business strategies for Projects globally.
Course objectives
By end of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training you will enhance your knowledge of the following:
  • Apply Lean concepts such as 5S, Waste Reduction, Process Mapping, Value Stream Mapping and Mistake Proofing.
  • Apply basic and more advanced Statistical Tools to analyse and determine the relationship between key inputs and process outputs.
  • Manage team effectively and understand how to work with multiple levels of leadership and overcome barriers and achieve Project success.
Career Benefits
Lean Six Sigma opens up plenty of career opportunities.
  • The potential for job growth will increase along with the overall pay.
  • Those who are trained in this course can easily expect some openings exclusively offered to them.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training can help in many ways like, Growth in career, Better opportunity, Hike in Salary, better skills, statistical approach, strategic approach, great analytical skills and problem solving approach.
  • It provides Great Career Prospects.
Who should take this course?
Looking forward to be a Change Agent, Project Leader, Process Excellence Expert, Operational Experts and Business Operation Expert.
Exam and Certification
To get certified, you need to crack the exam by obtaining 85% in each exam (Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Lean Manager) conducted by NIQC on behalf of UR (Universal Registrars) , EA-JAS  (American joint Accreditation Services).

Six Sigma Green & Black Belt Training in Bangalore

Bangalore, the city of Gardens is the fasted growing metro in the country. With pace has increased the industries and now it’s the industrial hub in IT, manufacturing and a host of other domains. With the rise of employment infrastructure, the hopes of employment have expedited. However, vis a vis the growth how many people are getting recruited. In spite of being qualified under technical, business, management domains, the rate of quality recruitment is much lesser than expected. The reason most courses deal with knowledge but often they lack the tools of continuous improvement and quality. This is one of the significant reasons of lesser recruitments or lesser quality employment. The answer to this problem is Six Sigma. The entire course consists of 5 certifications, Yellow belt, Green belt, Lean manager, Black Belt and Master Black Belt.  

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a methodology which helps in solving any problem with DMAIC, DFSS Approach. It’s a set of tools viz., FMEA QFD, Control Chart, QC Tools and a host of others. It is a culture, wherein employees cut through defects, waste and strive towards perfection.

Thinking before undertaking sigma training?

If you are a student – one needs to know that a recent survey showed that 89% of the employers have shown interest in Six Sigma certified (Black belt), rather than just being a student of engineering or a pass out from a business school. If you are an employer- then it helps in improving your sales, revenue and ultimately profits. Systematic approach in solving problems help in improving creativity and employee satisfaction. And you are a personnel, then it helps in providing you better career options, high packages, better skill set and problem solving capability, creative thinking and process improvement skills

Where to get trained

The answer is NIQC, which stands for Noble Institute of Quality certification. We possess the best trainers in the industry with experience, skills of imparting training, communicating and motivating. While we deliberate the best of training, we are also the most cost effective. We don’t offer soaps but we have the best package which includes free retraining, free training material, and profile building. *Schedules, fees and other details of our upcoming certification programs.
S.N.CertificationUpcoming BatchesLimited Period OfferCharges Post OfferLast date of RegistrationMarket Price*
1Expert Package (Certified Six Sigma Black Belt ,Green Belt, Lean Management,      ISO 9001:2015)OngoingRs.57,000/-Rs.65,990/-Ongoing (All weekend & weekdays)Rs.83,000/-
2Yellow Belt Training & CertificationOngoingRs.5,500/-Rs.5,500/-OngoingRs.8,000-12,000/-
3Yellow Belt CertificationOngoingRs.1,000/-Rs.1,990/-OngoingRs.4,500-8,000/-
4Green Belt Training & CertificationOngoingRs.17,990/-Rs.19,900/-OngoingRs.15,000-25,000/-
5Green Belt CertificationOngoingRs.2,500/-Rs.2,500/-OngoingRs.8,000/-
6Black Belt Training & Certification with Project SupportOngoing (Weekend)Rs.39,990/-Rs.47,000/-OngoingRs.25,000-48,000/-
7Black Belt CertificationOngoingRs.4,500/-Rs.10,500/-OngoingRs.15,000-48,000/-
8Master Black Belt Training & CertificationOngoingRs.70,900/-Rs.90,000/-OngoingRs.82,000-2,00,000/-
9Master Black Belt CertificationOngoingRs.19,500/-Rs.19,500/-OngoingRs.42,000-2,00,000/-
10Certified Lean Manager Training (Lean Management)OngoingRs.9,500/-Rs.9,590/-OngoingRs.10,000-29,000/-
11Lean Management CertificationOngoingRs.1,990/-Rs.1,990/-OngoingRs.8,000-15,000/-
*Based on Prices of similar training institutes providing similar training.  
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