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Six Sigma is a management methodology which permits companies to use data to eliminate defects in any process.  The process helps to minimize the defects and guides to be more efficient in the performance of the project.

Six Sigma process is based on the two methodologies or pillars.  They are DMAIC –  Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control which is implemented on the existing processes and DMADV which is Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Verify.  NIQC SIX SIGMA Program provides Live Project Training which enhances your knowledge from which you will be capable to contribute efficiently to your company.  And here are some of the benefits you can implement after completion of the NIQCBangalore Six sigma training.

  1. Improved Customer Loyalty

Any business will owe to retain its customers.  Indeed, this accounts to be an important factor while determining the success of any Organization.  And, it will be possible due to the high-level customer satisfaction by giving the delightful services.  Six Sigma will help to reduce the risk of any company which will result in helping to retain the customers.

  1. Time Management

Six sigma methodology help employees to manage their work time efficiently and effectively which will ultimately result in more productive employees.  Hence, it will help the employees to achieve the goal by applying six sigma principles.

  1. Reduced Cycle Time

Most of the projects will be extended beyond their deadlines due to the change in the scope of the project or can be because of the change in management policy.  So, by using six sigma, an organization can build an experienced team from each different department by giving them to identify the negative impact causing on the project life cycle.

  1. Employee Motivation

In every organization success depends on the employee’s right attitude toward their work or goal which can be derived by motivating employees.  And this can be done by using the Six Sigma problem solving tools and techniques which will cause employee development and help to create employee friendly working nature.


These are a few such benefits by acquiring NIQC Six Sigma training and you will be able to reduce organization risk and negative impacts on the projects of the company.  NIQC Six Sigma training helps employees improve their skills and to be more productive to them and their organization.  Thus, NIQC Six Sigma training contributes to the organization growth very effectively as well as increase individual skills.


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