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Six Sigma Bangalore

Six Sigma Bangalore

In Six Sigma, the highest level of skill is called Black Belt, the medium skill level is Green Belt, and the everyday level is Yellow Belt.

Taking care of issues the Six Sigma way; requires high level of aptitude in applied statistics such as:

  1. Solving difficult problems requires significant statistical proficiency.
  2. Solving problems of reasonable intricacy, or assisting in the solution of complex problems, requires a medium level of skill.
  3. Consistent application of simple statistics to ordinary unchanging work requires even less.

The roles and skills of the Six Sigma specialists are described in further detail.

Master Black Belts

Master Black Belts (MBB) are hands-on specialists who instruct and coach Black, Green, and Yellow Belts, and who regularly claim the Six Sigma preparing educational module and Six Sigma information content for their associations.  As coaches, MBBs counsel different Belts on essential business issues and also particular venture application issues, difficulties, and issues.

Black Belts

Black Belts are the most very prepared specialists in the complete arrangement of Six Sigma strategies and tools.  They are exceedingly regarded for having the information and expertise required to encourage breakthrough-level improvements in the most complex of procedures.  Black Belts frequently number l to 2 percent of the organization and work in a full-time capacity.  A Six Sigma Black Belt may implement as many as four such projects a year.  They also:

  • Guide and coach others in applying Six Sigma methods and tools
  • Lead intricate departmental, business unit, or cross-functional process improvement projects that require important data and questioning skill.
  • Propagate new strategies and tools via training, workshops, case studies, local conferences, and more
  • Learn internal and external (suppliers and customers) opportunities for new Six Sigma projects

Green Belt

The Six Sigma Green Belt is prepared and talented to tackle the larger part of process issues in both value-based and producing situations.  Green Belts are process pioneers, process proprietors, proficient staff, operational authorities, administrators, and executives who have a huge level of business, pioneer send, measurable, and critical thinking skills.  They also:


  • Show nearby work force to apply Six Sigma techniques and instruments and mentor neighborhood faculty through one-on-one help.
  • Lead departmental, specialty unit, or cross-useful process change extends in situations that don’t require complex information or substantial measurable investigations
  • Disperse new techniques and devices by means of preparing, workshops, contextual analyses, nearby conferences, and the sky is the limit from there
  • Find interior and outside (that is, suppliers and clients) opportunities for Six Sigma ventures

Yellow Belt

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt is “every other person. ” Yellow Belts are staff members, administrators, operations personnel, project team members, or anyone else— specialized or non-specialized.   About anybody can recognize estimation scales, characterize basic process factors, gather little information, portray a procedure, make simple enhancements, and develop opportunities.

The goal of the Yellow Belt is to think in a data-driven, cause-and-effect process manner, and apply this thinking to their areas of work.  Yellow Belts support Black Belt and Green Belt projects, and can even take on small projects of their own.

Be careful not to make generalizations about the normal estimation of a Black Belt, Green Belt, or Yellow Belt project.

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