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The Six Sigma Black belts Professional are able to elaborate philosophies and principles of DMAIC model, and supporting systems.  DMAIC means Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control the process.  It is a data-driven improvement cycle used for improving, optimizing and stabilizing business processes and designs.  The DMAIC improvement cycle drives Six Sigma projects roadmap for business to solve problems and improve their processes.  Here is an elaboration of DMAIC methodology.

Further, once trained as a Black Belt professional, you will be able to implement the Lean six sigma black belt strategies and methodologies.  Ultimately, it will lift your organization to the next level.  Further, overall impact will be reflected in the enhancement of services to employees, or in improved dedication toward the process which will result in better finished product.  At personal level it will contribute toward your individual growth.

There are multiple benefits with Black belt and it will help to achieve your personal and organization growth by using Six sigma black belt strategies and principles.

Here is a summary of the benefits of utilizing Six Sigma to improvise your business operations:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Any business with upgraded processes and high quality control with the six sigma principles will deliver superior quality finished product or services.  The improved quality in products/services will lead to higher customer satisfaction. We can say the happy customers are loyal customers.  In order to retain these types of customers the need is to keep consistency in quality.
  • Improved bottom line:The satisfied customers lead to business success. Such customers will always recommend service or product to others through the word of mouth.  The ultimate benefit is the improved revenue in your business.
  • Employee Satisfaction:Six Sigma allows leaders opportunity to clarify and rationalize messages.  Thus, it brings positive energy in the working environment and will result in higher employee satisfaction.

NIQC is the place where one can acquire Six Sigma Black belts skills with its unique training approach.  If you wish to be black belt professional then NIQC Six Sigma training should be your first option.  It is a well-known brand in training the professionals to achieve success for their organization as well as for themselves.

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