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lean-management training and certification in Bangalore Lean Management Training and Certification in Bangalore

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X works the entire day and is gives his good hard time on everything he is supposed to do. Well, lets say he works for 12 hours a day. He is honest and has the same amount of integrity in his approach towards his assignments.

Y works for 8 hours a day. His honesty and integrity is unquestionable. He too is highly accountable towards his assignments and his superiors.

Now, it’s time for appraisal. X is given a B grade while Y takes away with A+. Now wondering why. Cos Y works SMART and has a Lean management & certification.

What is Lean Management?

Lean Management is thinking or mindset that gives you to eliminate waste, rework & NVA from your current process. Lean is a culture of continuous improvement practiced at every level of the organization and by every team. Lean is the application of the scientific method of experimentation and study of work processes and systems to find improvements.

Lean is the elimination of waste in all its forms. Lean is the ability to distinguish between work that actually adds value to your customers and work that does not. By eliminating waste, you free resources to devote to value-adding activity that serves your customers.

Lean is a work environment that assures the quality and safety of all work for both customers and staff. Lean is a focus on improving the work process and not on blaming people or creating fear. Lean is a culture of teamwork, shared responsibility and ownership that cuts through organization walls or silos.

What is Lean Management Training & Certification?

Ahh… don’t be upset. I know I keep asking questions. But, I answer them too). Lean is a strategy for maximizing value to the clients or production. It’s a relentless pursuit of perfect process through waste elimination. Let’s also remember that it’s not a tool, it’s a mindset.

The integral task of lean management is to

  • Define the purpose.
  • Specify the process for achieving the purpose.
  • Aligning the work force involved in the process.

We largely have coverage on below mentioned area during our Training:-

1. Introduction

2. Integrating Lean and Six Sigma

3. Lean Thinking Principles

4.7 Wastes

5. Toyota Production System

6.5 S and Visual Management

7.5 Whys

8. Action Work Out

9. Culture and Leadership

If you become a Lean Manager after doing Lean management training!

Your thinking will focus on eliminating non-value added processes. Now, it’s just no elimination. You will be competent enough to simplify, improve and combine so forth and create awesome results. So, the appraisals will make you glad -J as you have added value to your enterprise. Let’s remember, in the current standards industries prefer personnel who have a Lean approach.

About Course & Certification

This is 2 days course. Post training of 2 days, participant will have to clear minimum benchmark.

All successful participant will get “Lean Management Certificate” approved by NIQC board.

*Schedules, fees and other details of our upcoming certification programs.


CertificationLimited Period OfferMarket Price*
Expert Package (Certified Six Sigma Black Belt ,Green Belt & Lean Management)Rs.58,000/-Rs.80,000/-
Yellow Belt Training & CertificationRs.5,500/-Rs.8,000-12,000/-
Yellow Belt CertificationRs.1,000/-Rs.4,500-8,000/-
Green Belt Training & CertificationRs.26,900/-Rs.15,000-25,000/-
Green Belt CertificationRs.2,500/-Rs.8,000/-
Black Belt Training & Certification+Project SupportRs.40,000/-Rs.25,000-48,000/-
Black Belt CertificationRs.4,500/-Rs.15,000-48,000/-
Master Black Belt Training & CertificationRs.70,900/-Rs.82,000-2,00,000/-
Master Black Belt CertificationRs.19,500/-Rs.42,000-2,00,000/-
Certified Lean Manager Training (Lean Management)Rs.9,500/-Rs.10,000-29,000/-
Lean Management CertificationRs.1,990/-Rs.8,000-15,000/-

Want to become a Lean Manager?

Not an issue at all. Just drop into NIQC. We offer you the best of training and course material and we get you certified which is accredited globally.  Remember, we are based out at 2F, # 15, Manjushree Building, between 1st& 2nd cross, Near Food World, R.T Nagar, Bangalore – 560032

You can call us on: 9844967108 / 09008220960

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